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Space Weather Operations, Research and Mitigation Subcommittee


Relevant Space Weather Meetings

While SWORM Subcommittee and working group meetings are generally not open to the public, the SWORM program depends on advice from and interactions with the broad national and international communities. We welcome your participation and exchanging ideas at meetings such as those provided in the list below, where SWORM activities will be discussed and or presented:

Please note that all meeting links go to webpages.

January 22-26 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting Seattle, WA
May 2-5 Space Weather Workshop Broomfield, CO
June 27 Space Weather Enterprise Forum Washington, D.C.
July 31 - August 4 United Nations/United States of America Workshop on the International Space Weather Initiative: The Decade after the International Heliophysical Year 2007 Boston, MA
December 11-15 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting New Orleans, LA
January 7-11 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting Austin, TX
April 16-20 Space Weather Workshop Westminster, CO
June 21-29 Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) Vienna, Austria
July Space Weather Enterprise Forum Washington, D.C.
September 3-7 European Meteorological Society Budapest, Hungary
November 5-9 European Space Weather Workshop Leuven, Belgium
November 7-9 Space Environment Applications, Systems, and Operations for National Security (SEASONS) Laurel, MD